Wednesday, February 2, 2011

what i'm loving wednesday

Today I'm linking up with Jamie's WILW

[one]- First off, I am LOVING that today is Wednesday--Half way through the week!!

[two]- I am LOVING that I have already finished all my homework for today.

[three]-I am LOVING the today is absolutely beautiful outside! I thought this entire week was suppose to be nasty, but thankfully, I was wrong!

[four]- I am LOVING that I wore flip-flops this weekend and today.

[five]- I am LOVING that tonight we have Wednesday Night Church service, Choir practice, and also Drama practice.

[six]- I am LOVING Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri nail polish!

[seven]- I am LOVING that we just received our entire first season of Glee on DVD!!! & also that Glee is starting again this Sunday!!! :)

[eight]- I am LOVING that tomorrow is my last day of classes for this week!

[nine]- I am LOVING that my sweet baby girl, Juicy, is so lovable. And, that she snuggles with me while Adam is out of town.

[ten]- I am LOVING that I found some amazing wedding shoes!

[eleven]- I am also LOVING that I finally found some wedding invitations that I love--I found a picture that I loved months ago and haven't been able to find anything like it until now!

[twelve]- I am, of course, LOVING my amazing family, fiance', and our God above!


  1. I LOVE that nail polish as well. It's pretty much all I use anymore!

  2. You are loving some great things :)